Zazz Goes Fishing on the DEFENDER

In February of 2016, Patti Marine Enterprises of Pensacola, FL launched the DEFENDER. This 170-ft pollock boat used to be known as the Western Venture, a herring and mackerel boat operated on the East coast of the US.

Patti Marine was tasked with performing a stern extension and refit of the vessel. Jensen Maritime provided engineering services for the conversion. Thanks to Patti Marine and Jensen, the DEFENDER now sports a massive fish pumping system, a bulbous bow, a whaleback bow cover, antiroll tank, new propellers, new nozzles, and Zazz MRC vents on the vessel's major intake and exhaust ports.


The DEFENDER is now part of the fleet owned by Seattle's Global Seas, who will operate the vessel in the Bering Sea. It is Global Seas' first fish pumping vessel, and it has the largest wet fish hold capacity of any fishing boat in the United States.

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